Thursday, July 21, 2016


Not sure if you remember, but #BYB had written SOURCE: METS WANT DROB FOR LEADERSHIP & "TOP" CLOSER in November 2014? In that piece, we wrote:

"Speculation and the rumor mill kills me sometimes, because the truth is, you never really know what’s going to happen to a player until it happens.  Sure, certain writers are called "baseball insiders", but what do they really know? Hell... What do I really know? All I’m saying is the rumor mill can be fascinating sometimes That being said… you won’t believe what I heard about David Robertson and the New York Mets. A source that I am friendly with was chatting with someone "familiar" with the internal chatter inside Mets camp, and it was suggested that there is concern about the closer situation in Mets-land.  With that, there were "serious discussions" about making a "hard push" to bring David Robertson to Queens."

Now, that was 2014, and that didn't happen, and after that I was questioned by "important" folks like I was some kind of jerk for having it and them not.
And yes, that's exactly what happened, because Schoenfeld sure as hell wouldn't read little Bleeding Yankee Blue. In fact, it was amazing to see what ESPN and Sports Illustrated did after my piece was written:

  "...that appeared in ESPN SweetSpot's David Schoenfield's piece titled David Robertson to the Mets?  Yup, that's right. In it, Schoenfield wrote: 'As it turns out, Joe Sheehan mentioned this in his newsletter this morning. He wrote, No, if the Mets do sign another [compensation-eligible] free agent, I suspect it will be David Robertson. Robertson fills a position of perceived need, closer, where the Mets have a number of options but none with a track record of success. Robertson, as Granderson did a year ago, comes with familiarity to the fan base, a built-in credibility.'"

And by the way, no disrespect to Mark Simon. One of the best out there. He just hangs with the wrong people.  Anyway, I digress.

 It was then, November 2014 that that DRob story died...Until now.  Turns out the Mets are back to looking to try and bring David Robertson to the Mets, and it's serious this time.  Same friend, similar conversation, and I am putting it out there once again, that the rumor season is crazy and I am NOT a 'baseball insider'.  I'm just a guy with a friend that is in the Mets clubhouse who gave me a sweet nugget about David Robertson.

Let's see what happens. And lets see how quickly the others steal this story.  That's right Joe Sheehan...

I'm watching you...

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