Friday, July 1, 2016


I found this tiny nugget on the net and I wanted to bring it to your attention mainly because it has to do with breaking up the three headed monster... something many Yankee fans do NOT want. But word of caution, you will learn NOTHING NEW after you read it.  You know me... I like to poke the bear...

Jon Heyman writes: "The Yankees aren’t about giving away greatness. They’re about collecting it. And one Yankees official said he believes it’s as high as 50-50 they re-sign Chapman (though technically they could trade him, then still re-sign him) and that they want so much in return for Miller the chances they trade him are 'less than one percent.'

Even so, it’s not an easy to call which way to go. They haven’t been very good, but they are hovering on the precipice of the race, a scant few games from the second wild card. They are a “tease” in the words of another Yankees official, explaining why it may seem like there’s confusion, or at least a difference of opinion."

Now look, it is the rumor season, but I gotta  tell you, reading that from Heyman, I'm right back where I started.  WHAT THE HELL IS HE TRYING TO SAY?  I read it again, and came up with the conclusion that the Yankees are "50-50" on selling either top reliever, and I guess that means they could trade him or not, but did that need to be in print?  Why is he a 'baseball insider' again?

So where are we right now with Chapman... and Miller, and the trade deadline? All I can tell you is I probably wasted your time right here.  The Yankees may or may not trade either, and I would assume if the price is right at the deadline both could go, but if not, the Yanks will hold onto them. Do you agree? Kind of common sense, right?

Although there is an interesting rumor about the Yankees and the Cubs swapping Miller for  Kyle Schwarber...but that comes from Buster Olney... I'm not sure if he's better or worse than Heyman.

Whatever the case, it's crystal clear that rumor season is here... and the Yankees are at the top of the list for false and useless information.

Carry on.

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