Thursday, July 21, 2016


(In Photo: BYB Senior Writer, Suzie Pinstripe)
I'm nice! And I say that sarcastically, but the reality is, I am.

Look, when the Yankees season doesn't go well, it is a known fact that merchandise doesn't sell well, that's just the bottom line. Couple that with the economy not being too great, and not everyone is buying shirts of their favorite Yankee sites these days. I get that, and now I'm doing something about it.

From this point forward, our new BYB "Casey" shirts and BYB Sports Performance T-Shirts are now only 10 dollars.  I won't make a dime, in fact, I'll lose money on this deal, but I really don't care. Sometimes when the Yankees season isn't what you expected, you come to reality and do what's right for your friends and readers. 

(In Photo: BYB Reader, Jamie)
You guys are my friends, my readers and loyal as hell. And so, you get a break on all BYB merchandise, including price reductions on last season's BYB apparel, tanks, baby onesies and youth shirts! It's a fire sale if you will!

(In Photo: BYB readers, Lou, Nicole, Evelyn & Trey)
Listen, luckily for us fans, the Yankees are now making a run.  Beating the Red Sox and now nearly sweeping the Baltimore Orioles and Buck Showalter was pretty incredible to see.  I actually enjoyed watching the games.  I am actually getting excited about the season again.  Can the Yankees turn it around? Who really knows.

(In Photo: BYB Readers, Ryann, Doug & Mel)
But I do know this, as frustrating as it is this season... it's the best feeling in the world to be a Yankee fan...always.

And that brings me back to why BYB was created in the first place.  It was about being a frustrated fan... a fan that needed the win every night.  Over time, when BYB became popular, there was merchandise, dialog, and fun, not to mention friends... did I say you guys are my friends??

(In Photo: BYB Readers, Joey, Tara and Claire)
And here we are now. BYB shirts, ALL OF THEM, from Small to XXL... TEN BUCKS! And all other merchandise are reduced in price!

(In Photo: BYB Reader, Lisa)
I know, I know... I'm wonderful and adorable. It's the least I can do for such loyal readers...

The BYB Store is HERE.

Click and buy and support us.  

You're welcome.

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