Monday, July 11, 2016


Hey, we did this already... do why are we doing it again?  Nugget I needed to share... Alex Rodriguez will practice taking grounders at first base and training there again.  He'll practice during the All-Star Break.

The New York Daily News has the story:

"Alex Rodriguez’s first half closed with him in a familiar position: sitting on the bench. So he plans to spend part of his All-Star break doing something about it.

According to a source, A-Rod grabbed one of Mark Teixeira’s first-base gloves on his way out of the clubhouse Sunday, which he’ll use to take grounders at first base during the four-day break.

Rodriguez also plans to work with infield coach Joe Espada beginning Friday, the source said, as he looks to add fielding versatility to his current DH-only arsenal."

Now we did this in the beginning of the season and as Michael Keaton says in Mr. Mom... "It didn't take."  So what are we doing here?

Don't we all remember when Girardi said that that experiment was pretty much over before it started? And is this a serious nugget or something Mark Feinsand made up leaving the ballpark on the way to a steak dinner?  Whatever the case, it's an interesting nugget, but I'm just not sure we need Alex there... you know what I mean?

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  1. Yea that Jus doesn't make sense @his Age and this stage in his career that's not going to work


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