Monday, June 6, 2016


Starring Andrew Miller... playing himself.

According to several sources, but we'll take, and Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports on this, there are Andrew Miller trade rumors... kind of:
The San Francisco Giants are interested in Andrew Miller, and that makes sense, because the New York Yankees stink right now and the idea of a "fire sale" at some point looks pretty good.  It's something that hasn't really happened in Yankeeland in a long, long time. And so, many are wondering if this is the beginning of it...

"By now, you already know that Andrew Miller has been ridiculously good for the Yankees. Since signing a four-year, $36-million deal with New York before the 2015 season, the left-hander has a 1.79 ERA in 83 games. He has struck out 15 batters per nine innings and saved 42 games over that span....

But Rosenthal poses a good question. The Yankees are going to ask a ton for Miller, who was traded two seasons ago from the Red Sox to the Orioles for promising young starter Eduardo Rodriguez. That was when Miller was slated to become a free agent and before he proved he could close. So the Yankees aren't going to ask for anything less than an arm of Rodriguez's caliber.

So, who's Tyler Beede? He was the Giants' first-round pick in 2014, No. 14 overall. In Double-A this season, he's 3-3 with a 3.05 ERA. ranks Beede the Giants' No. 2 overall prospect."

But look, while the rumor is interesting, you know how this goes. Brian Cashman will not show his hand, and if a trade with any team happens, it will be in the dead of night when no one is paying attention... EVEN IF HE TELLS US IT'S NOT HAPPENING.  You've been a Yankee fan for a long time, you know how this works.

But it is interesting that "fire sale" talk is happening already. I mean, it's freakin' June 6th.

We'll have to sit and wait on this one.

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