Monday, June 20, 2016


It looks like Luis Severino may be figuring out his mechanics issues down in AAA. He is looking more and more like the Severino we saw last year but despite the improvement it doesn't sound like we will be seeing him in the Bronx in the near future.

Severino hasn't pitched in the big leagues since May 14th when he left the game in the third inning after another bad start against the Chicago White Sox. He was diagnosed with a right triceps strain and was finally healthy on May 30th but instead of bringing him back into his usual rotation spot the Yankees sent him down to AAA and put Ivan Nova in his spot where he has stayed ever since.

Before Sunday's game Joe Girardi and Larry Rothschild and reviewed tape from his last start, but they aren't ready to give him back his old spot back, he is clearly going to have to earn it back. Before going down with his injury Severino had an 0-6 record with a 7.46 ERA but since he has been pitching down in AAA he is 3-0 with a 2.25 ERA. The Yankees say that the location is getting better, but he's not consistent yet which is why they are not bring him back up yet.

It has been hard to watch the Yankees struggle so much this season. It's been hard to watch Severino, who is still thought of as the future ace of the rotation regress from his amazing season last year. At just 22 years old he has the potential to be a staple in the Yankee rotation for years to come but he has to get his mechanics down. The Yankees have the confidence that he will be an ace for them but maybe this was just too much pressure too soon for someone who is still inexperienced.

I never expected to see Severino struggle so much this year while other pitchers like CC Sabathia have successfully reinvented himself and become that consistent starter again that we once knew. Baseball is such a strange game. No matter how many years you have watched this game or how many stats you an rattle off of the top of your head you can't predict it. There is no science behind it and I think Severino really knows what that means now based on his own experiences.

I am glad he is feeling better. We can see the confidence coming back and the positive changes are showing but sometimes it is just a long way back. I know he will be back, but to get back to the Bronx he will need to be healthy and make consistent pitches. Keep doing what you are doing down there Severino, we know we will see you again soon.

--Jeana Bellezza, 
BYB Senior Writer and Editor
Twitter: @NyPrincessJ 


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