Wednesday, June 8, 2016


The biggest problem with the structure of the New York Yankees is that youth never truly get a chance because big contracts from big stars clog the line.  Youth are usually touted as the next big thing only to eventually be traded away, or cut loose.  And sometimes when that happens they move on to new teams who are trying to rebuild and they give new, young players chances, because, in a nutshell, they don't have the "big star money clog".  Many times these young players blossom. Here's a story about that...

Eduardo Nunez is a star with the Minnesota Twins apparently; A smaller market and a team that hasn't been overly successful in recent years, but they are giving young castoffs from other teams opportunities... writes:

"Now: Nunez is becoming every bit the star the Yankees and fans believed he could grow into—but it's happening in Minnesota. After a multi-homer game on Tuesday night, Nunez now owns the following numbers this season for the Twins: .337/.364/.545. That slash line comes with 9 home runs, 24 RBI and 29 runs scored. In a new golden age of shortstops, Nunez's .909 OPS only trails Baltimore's Manny Machado—a third baseman playing shortstop due to injury for the Orioles—among every player at the position this season."

Now I'm going to be honest. I never cared for Nunez.  I thought the Yankees were overselling this guy as the next Derek Jeter, and it was obvious from the jump that they just hammered this guy with too much pressure and he clearly wasn't ready for the job. Errors killed him in New York and the Yankees eventually just got frustrated and shipped him off.

But Nunez is now, through opportunity and growth turning into an asset... and that's a good thing. It brings confidence and good for Nunez!

Anyway, I wanted to share that story today.  It's always good to see success in this difficult sport, and I love when teams give young players a chance to shine. I wish the Yankees would do it more. Hell... maybe we are on the brink of that in the Bronx.

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