Thursday, June 30, 2016


I don't really know why this is newsworthy but apparently we all need to know this.....ladies and gentlemen Mariano Rivera will not be able to attend Derek Jeter's wedding. It's unfortunate but I am sure Jeter is going to understand. He is a classy guy. He is the very definition of class. I don't think Jeter is going to carry a life long grudge over this. I guess this is what happens when journalists are tired of writing about how bad the Yankees are.

In case you missed it, the New York Daily news really wants us to know about why Mo won't make it to the wedding, you can read that HERE. I guess it is a reason to talk about our guys from the good old days. Anything to reference back to the happier days of our core players I guess. Maybe we are all just tired of hearing that the sky is falling on the Yankees season. It is. Now, this news is supposed to rain on Jeter's parade I guess.

But I guess Mo hasn't broken the bad news to Jeter yet based on the verbiage in the article. So Jeter, if Mo hasn't told you himself yet.....SURPRISE! Mo isn't going to be there so you will have some extra seats available. Who knows, maybe someone can face time the wedding ceremony and Mo can watch it all the way in Italy. Something tells me either way, there will be no love lost between these two.

I guess it's a change of pace when it comes to Yankee coverage. If this wedding does happen over the holiday weekend it will be nice to see names like Jorge Posada and Tino Martinez in the news again because it certainly sounds like those guys will be in attendance but I can't say I am disappointed in Mo not attending the wedding. The man is living his life and enjoying his post retirement leisurely activity....who would pass up a trip to Italy? Not me.

Just like Mo said when he announced his retirement there are more important things in life than baseball. In this case, Derek Jeter is finally settling down and getting married. Mo is spending time with his family and taking the time to travel and enjoy life. These two will cross paths again but it doesn't sound like it will happen at the wedding. No big deal.

The story may be trivial, but even I have to admit that for a minute it put a smile on my face. Anytime I see their names it brings back good memories. I guess I can't fault the New York Daily news for that, right? I'm sure it accomplished their goal. It just proves that fans are still drawn to our homegrown boys and that will never change.

 --Jeana Bellezza, BYB Senior Writer & Editor
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