Tuesday, June 21, 2016


I hate stories like this one. Hey, it's not Ryan Hatch's fault. I mean, NJ.com probably assigned it to him.  I just find it to be silly and quite frankly, I'm not curious about Derek Jeter's wedding Guest list... that's his business.

Hatch writes: "The guest list, no surprise, has been kept quiet. Will there be a Yankees reunion of sorts? Ex-teammates Bernie Williams and Jorge Posada seem likely to be in attendance, but the rest is a guess.

And when Jeter's old manager, Joe Torre was asked Monday if he was invited to the wine country nuptials, the usually-loquacious Torre was tight-lipped.

'No comment on that,' Torre said an an event for Harlem RBI Monday night in Midtown Manhattan."

Now think about all you know about Derek Jeter and think about how important privacy is to him.  Does that statement from Torre offer anything out of the ordinary?  Now think about Jeter's relationship with Joe all these years.  See where I'm going with this?

This is twofold. One... Jeter did invite Torre to the wedding, there is no doubt or no question about that.  Why the hell wouldn't he be? Second... The guest list is private... stop nosing around... Geez!

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