Wednesday, June 1, 2016



I always hated that. 

The BIG SALES on Memorial Day Weekend seem out of place to me…but that’s just one man’s opinion. They fought so you could save a truckload of dough on a BRAND NEW DODGE F1-50? Well, to each his/her own I guess.

However, staying with the theme of wheeling and dealing, let’s make a few DEALS shall we? There have been rumblings about some Yankee players drawing interest from true contenders looking to add a piece here or there. You need a front line starter? We got it. You looking for a shutdown closer…HELL! WE GOT 3! You want an outfielder with some speed? Yep, we can help you there too! Now, what are you looking to pay?

I don’t want to trade Nasty Nate. His upside for the future is too much to let go of, but if the deal makes sense…OH! And they HAVE TO TAKE TEX! Is Chicago your kind of town, Nathan? We’ll miss ya, but take heart, we’re sending Mark along with you to bore you with Sugar Free cooking tips on the 2 hour flight to O’Hare.

The boys in MURDER’S THROW (Not a fan of the name by the way). I keep hearing Andrew Miller’s name. Why? He is the EPITOME of a team guy and could be our man at the back end for years. If we have to deal I say move the rental. Chapman is a gun for hire and though we all love to see 103 on the radar gun, remember the GREATEST OF ALL TIME never needed that to get guys out. Mo threw hard, but it was the cutter that did the damage. 

Move Aroldis…OH! AND THEY HAVE TO TAKE TEX! The Mets need a closer. I know we almost never do business with the cross-town club, but we’ll send them a big piece to there puzzle (And a nutritionist who can’t hit his slimmed down weight) for a Wheeler and a prospect or four. I say make the deal.

Outfielders. Look I know he’s been hot, but NOBODY is taking Jacoby off our hands at that price…and they certainly won’t also TAKE TEX! Gardy is a great guy and a blood and guts player. I really like him as a Yankee, but if we can get some over anxious club to bite I would say let’s do it…AND THEY HAVE TO TAKE TEX

We need pitching in a big way. Let’s grab a solid 3 or 4 for a guy that will run through a wall to win.

At the end of the day it’s sad to talk about moving guys so early in the year. This is not what we are used to, and let’s hope we NEVER get used to it. The Yankees are in a strange position. They are too old to win, but have pieces that could help others now. Maybe we give this season…but THEY GOTTA TAKE TEX!! 

** Let’s face it, gang. It’s a gamble either way. But you gotta know when to fold ‘em Tell them, Mike. **

--Mike O'Hara Senior "Features" Writer
Twitter: @mikeyoh21


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