Tuesday, June 14, 2016


"This is what I can't stand. Your stupid sight making dumb predictions on why players should play on the yankees! IKE DAVIS WILL NEVER BE A YANKEE DUMBASS!"  

Someone named 'R.J.' sent me that email on February 12th when we wrote IKE DAVIS IN YANKEE PINSTRIPES...

Today it's been officially reported that Ike Davis is a New York Yankee.  NJ.com writes:

"Ron Davis answered the phone on Sunday morning and heard the excitement in his son’s voice.
“Hey, Dad – I’m a Yankee. I wonder if I can get your [uniform] number?”

Ike Davis owns a .429 batting average in 10 games at Coors Field, so there might not be a better place to begin his Yankees’ career tonight.

And his father will be in the stands, arriving from his Arizona home for his son’s first game as a Bronx Bomber – some 35 years after Ron Davis donned a Yankee uniform."

It's a one year deal and he will no doubt fill the shoes of an often hurt Mark Teixeira.

And so you see... Ike Davis is in fact, a New York Yankee...


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