Friday, June 24, 2016


I kind of feel bad for Ike Davis, but the reality is, when you don't perform at the major league level, you shouldn't be playing. The trouble is the Yankees have Mark Teixeira coming back, Rob Refsnyder can now play first, AND he's hitting and Ike's about the get squeezed out.

New York Post has this:

"...with Mark Teixeira potentially on the verge of rejoining the Yankees on Saturday after rehabbing a knee injury, it’s anyone’s guess how many chances Davis will get in The Bronx. It’s hardly the first time things haven’t gone according to plan for the former Met.

'I think I’ve had a great experience,' said Davis, who signed with the Yankees after being released by the Rangers this month. 'I don’t think I performed the way I wanted to or that my career has gone the way I hoped it would go. But I also had a lot of weird things happen and I don’t think that’s given enough credit. I ran into some bad luck.'”

Whatever the case, I guess we just gotta see what happens to Davis in the Bronx.  Just so you know, in 14 at bats, Ike has just 3 hits.  Maybe it's a small scale, maybe he's just terrible... who knows.  I do know this, the Yankees needed to make a move with the possibility of Tex not coming back, and Ike was the move.  Can't blame them for that.

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