Thursday, June 2, 2016


I have hit a new low and it sucks. On Tuesday night I watched most of the Angels and Tigers game (worth noting: it was against my will). As I watched I saw so many plays that reminded me of what was the Yankees past but not lately. I saw hits that the Yankees used to make and energy that we used to have. Now, it's a memory. I was watching another team make magic happen and I was jealous.

We all have moments of weakness and this one was mine. As I was making a late dinner the game started out pretty boring. My other half was enjoying everything he was seeing. in fact, he compared it to the first game in the Diamondbacks and Yankees series where we got our asses handed to us. It was THAT kind of game. The Angels were dominating with a 9-2 lead and I was salivating.

The Tigers made it interesting and at one point tied the game but I just kept thinking back on the Angels offense last night. Sure, they don't do this every night. In fact, they are just as bad as we are but.....they have done something that we haven't been able to do. It sucks watching another team show signs of life as we drown.

I wish I could remember what a 17 hit game looked like. Tuesday night, I had to listen to the other half run around celebrating as Mike Trout hit a three run homer. It sucked. He does nothing but talk about how he idolizes this guy and I had to watch and hear him celebrate.

Watching C.J. Cron hit not one but two home runs made me violently ill. He is a young 26 year old kid who is a freaking infant in the big leagues and he is hitting bombs. Meanwhile, our power hitters can't even get an infield single. Yeah, and for once I am calling you out Mark Teixeira

I know you have an "owie" right now but that doesn't matter. You may not be playing much lately but you can't even hit your weight and it disgusts me. If there is anyone here who can give you that dose of tough love right now, it is ME.

I wanted to throw up my dinner after Ian Kinsler hit his grand slam. I wasn't sure how to feel. I was sick thinking about how he just hit his very first grand slam while of course our Bronx Bombers look like Bronx Bummers. At the same time, he hit a grand slam against the Angels and made the game interesting again and I wanted to see them lose! It was nice to watch the Angels bullpen melt down even if it was short lived.

All of these home runs the other night and all I can think about is August 25, 2011 when the Yankees made history by hitting three grand slams in one game thanks to Curtis Granderson, Russell Martin and Robinson Cano.....all guys that are gone. It's sad that I am sitting her missing players that are no longer here while I can't even reflect on anything good for this season right now.

There's still a long way to go his season, but the Yankees are giving games away. On paper this team is better than last year and we shouldn't be 8.5 games out of first place. We are digging a hole that is getting too deep. We can't expect this team to make a dent and climb back up when they don't hit, the starters can't pitch deep into games and we burn out our bullpen. I don't want to see the Yankees become sellers, but if things don't change we are going to start a garage sale and give away some prized a good bullpen arm.

The last thing I want to think about is teams approaching us to pick apart our team because they know we are too far out of it or think that we have given up. Maybe I am too prideful, but I don't want to give other teams that satisfaction but they aren't blind. They know we are open to trade ideas even if we aren't advertising them, like trading Nathan Eovaldi for example. They also know that the Yankees are scrambling to get a backup for glass man Tex now that Dustin Ackley is out for the season. So far our answer seems to be throwing Rob Refsnyder at first, read that HERE where hopefully he won't suck and maybe he will give us some offense. Way to be reactive, Yankees.

The Yankees wasted yet another good start by Masahiro Tanaka last night. There is a troublesome pattern here that cannot be ignored. In six of his last 11 starts, the Yankees have scored three or fewer runs for him. The Yankees just can't score. A combined five runs in the last four games just isn't going to cut it. Tanaka deserved better last night. He wasn't at his best but one earned run on seven hits and one walk in six innings is still a winnable game if your offense shows up.....which ours never does anymore. My grandmother could probably do better. Wake me up when we get a new hitting coach!

It would be nice to wake up one day and write about something other than the under-performing Yankees. I am still looking but right now the Yankees keep digging a a crater sized hole. I really hope this is rock bottom.....but I am not seeing a light at the end of the tunnel here yet.

--Jeana Bellezza, 
BYB Senior Writer and Editor
Twitter: @NyPrincessJ 


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