Saturday, June 25, 2016


No Randy Miller... Ivan Nova is not Joe Namath.

Look, I'm all for confidence, but when confidence is overplayed, sometimes folks tend to get sucked into it to make a story.  Before you know it, the person spoken about is overhyped, and then every time they go out there, their tits are lit up and before you know it, fans start to wonder why everyone spoke so highly of him in the first place. Look at Matt Harvey? Hype is his friend... and lately, even hype left town on Harvey.

Ivan Nova is confident, and that's great.  We should support that.  What we shouldn't do is get excited.  We should just let it happen...

Randy Miller of has the story:

"Ivan Nova was feeling pretty good sitting at his locker before the Yankees headed out for batting practice.

The right-hander already been out in the bullpen on this beautiful, breezy afternoon at Yankee Stadium throwing his between-starts bullpen, and he says his session couldn't have gone better. 

'My command was good every one of my pitches were good ... curveball, sinker., everything,' Nova said with a smile during a 10-minute interview with NJ Advance Media.

 Nova then proceeded to make like Joe Namath at Super Bowl III by guaranteeing that his future starts will be dramatically improved beginning with his next outing, Monday night at home against the AL West-leading Texas Rangers. 

'Definitely,' Nova said with conviction. 'I'm turning it around Monday. I'm turning the corner and will start pitching good. Monday.'"

I wish Nova the best. I love that cockiness in players sometimes... but Monday and the future will tell what happens to Ivan Nova... not just this statement.

P.S. There's only 1 Joe Namath... I met Joe Namath. Ivan Nova? He ain't Joe Namath.

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