Thursday, June 16, 2016


I hate to think about it....but maybe. I can only imagine how many times a day Brian Cashman's phone is ringing. I am sure it's a ton and just thinking about other teams trying to swoop in and steal away the best pieces of our teams makes me violently ill. It sucks being on the other end of the situation. I don't want to get used to this.

We are only six weeks away from the trade deadline and the Yankees are going to make some tough decisions. Who gets to stay and who gets dealt? The best parts of this team are our bullpen and a contending team is going to be more than willing to take them off of our hands. Is anyone "untouchable?" and who could we even get for these guys?

I would sincerely hope that Dellin Betances is untouchable for many reasons. First, he is still young. Second, he is homegrown and last but not least he is cheap. He is only earning the league minimum and the Yankees can build around him. He's also talented. I know he has had his struggles this season but who hasn't on this team? It can't be easy performing with so much pressure either. This bullpen is expected to do far too much and the bullpen can't fix it all. I can't imagine a Yankee future without this guy on the team. If Cashman were to deal him he better deplete another team's farm because that is the only reason to get rid of this guy.

On the other side of the league the Nationals seem to be a good trade partner for the Yankees. The timing is just too perfect. On Tuesday Nationals closer Jonathan Papelbon hit the disabled list for the first time in his entire career, shocking right? The Nationals are leading in the NL East and they don't look like they will be giving that up anytime soon. The Nationals have the most home runs in the National League and are ranked third in starting pitching with a 3.19 ERA. The Nationals bullpen is also strong and they have allowed the fewest home runs in the National League but with Papelbon out of commission they could use the help.

Realistically, Andrew Miller or Aroldis Chapman could be on the trading block here. The Nationals do not have a left handed closer and either of these guys could strengthen their bullpen. Chapman will be paid $11.325 million this year and that may scare some teams but the Nationals have become high spenders and would probably be willing to take on that salary if it meant bringing them closer to their first World Series win in franchise history.

Also worth noting, the Nationals have a top ten farm system so the Yankees would be able to get a good haul in young prospects back for Chapman. The Yankees are in rebuilding mode so maybe that would convince the Yankees to deal him. Maybe this is the best opportunity.

Besides the Nationals, the Chicago Cubs could be another trade partner. This week the Cubs sent a scout to check the bullpen trio out. The Cubs have the best record in baseball at 44-20...I'm admittedly jealous. The Cubs have an effective starting rotation with  Jake Arrieta leading the rotation but the Cubs are lacking a true closer. Right now they have a duo between Hector Rondon and Pedro Strop and some nice relievers but a true closer would make that team even more dynamic.

While the Cubs have proven they may not "need" a true designated closer so far in the season if the Cubs want to be serious contenders in the post season and finally win it all....they have a much better chance with a closer like Aroldis Chapman. The Cubs are ranked with the fourth best farm system so they have plenty of young promising prospects in their farm system so the Yankees would have a lot to choose from.

If the Yankees decide to become sellers by the trade deadline it would be in our best interest to find a team that is going to be able to give us some good prospects to continue our rebuilding process. By all accounts, both the Nationals and the Cubs have a lot to offer. It sucks to think about "selling" the team. It's not what we are used to....but is it time to say goodbye to either of these guys?

Stay tuned, if anything happens you know we will be here to tell you all about it. 

--Jeana Bellezza, 
BYB Senior Writer and Editor
Twitter: @NyPrincessJ 


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