Thursday, June 23, 2016


If you don't read Jason Keidel or Pete Caldera, 2 of my favorites in the sports writing world, you're missing out on good, quality work.

Jason Keidel writes in a piece about the Yankees, and their winning ways, and top notch, "win at all costs" mentality for years and years under George Steinbrenner... that has suddenly vanished from Yankeeland.

"... fourth place doesn’t cut it. Nowadays, it seems like the Yankees are resigned to their place in AL East obscurity, buried in mediocrity. 

When they whiff on a Jacoby Ellsbury, they retreat to corporate cliches and fawn over the farm system, which hasn’t produced an everyday All-Star since Robinson Cano. Would George just stand pat, and wait for the cosmos to kick in? Would he talk about the process?

Maybe King George didn’t always do the right thing, but he always did something. What he didn’t do was speak in half-baked platitudes about grinding and keeping the faith."

Exactly what we've been crying about here on Bleeding Yankee Blue. Keidel has a bigger stage, but the message is correct.  Sure, we can lean toward the whole "George would be rolling in his grave right now", but the reality is, George is dead, but the Yankees should be the same.  DO SOMETHING!

Read Keidel's entire piece HERE.  It's great.

Nice work Jason, as always.

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