Tuesday, May 10, 2016


That famous line was parroted by John Cena in Trainwreck in what was one of the most awkward sex scenes I think I've ever seen in recent history in film. And it was funny.  It's also a movie I saw about a dozen times while I was sick.

This is a screenshot from that scene. Just a reminder, BYB is not your kid's babysitter. Yes, we censored a bit here, but if you're kids are around, you may not want them to see the image above. You've been warned. Don't send me emails complaining.

The title rings true now more than ever!  It's May... we need to start winning and every game really kind of has to count. It's a priority now. Last night we started it up again and the win was important.  I'm going to be totally honest though, while the win was great, there were no manufacturing of runs, there were solo shots against a pitcher who's clearly near the end of his career.  I like homers, but homers full of base runners makes logical sense.  Bunting over a runner, slashing a liner down the line knocking in 2 is baseball.  Hitting solo shots is batting practice.  Again... not complaining, just explaining how winning should be done and this Yankee team has not perfected the idea of small ball yet.  Not sure if they will.

Carlos Beltran cranked out 2 last night. McCann did.  Hicks did and so did Brett Gardner.

Ivan Nova only went 4.2 innings last night, giving up 6 hits but only 1 run.

The only other highlight is Aroldis Chapman put on a show throwing 17 pitches and reaching 101 on the gun several times.

All good, important win against the Royals... I just wanted to see the manufacturing of runs.  Solo Shots aren't the same thing... but I'll take it! Trust me! A wins a win and winning right now is the only thing!

Final: Yankees 6 - Royals 3

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