Sunday, May 22, 2016


We all go to meetings.  Whether you are going to a PTO meeting, coach meeting, family meeting or office meeting, we are human and quite frankly, we meet.  So, what better way to start a meeting than wearing your Yankee cap as you walk into the conference room.  This Friday, I saw it happen with my own eyes and I have to say, I liked it!

With many college graduations signaling the end of the academic term, this time of year tends to be a little quieter in higher education.   Truthfully speaking, this is the calm before the freshmen storm along with all of the summer programs ready to begin or already started on campuses across the country.  We even have a Study Tour in progress in Ireland right now, so although quieter, there's still much to do.  With that said, there's absolutely nothing wrong with using this time to catch up with Yankee fans across campus to do a little venting.  And the Yankees sure do give us a lot of fodder for this venting.

From Alex Rodriguez's bat wiping antics to Mark Teixeira's stiff neck to CC Sabathia's woes, we have a lot to talk about.  And let's not forget that we still have a steep hill to climb from the backend of the American League Standings.  All of this and more are part of the witty conversations among Yankee fans on the university campus.

"I think all Red Sox fans should be kicked out of school," Princeton’s own "Derek Jeter" —Derrick Gedder ’07," stated in an article posted in The Daily Princetonian.  I say the same thing, but this week, it was all Yankees all the time.  I had no Red Sox or Phillies fans to contend with, just us Bronx Bombers and the feeling was fresh and free.  So when my buddy Fred showed up to a meeting with a Yankee cap on his head, it was electrifying.

Me: "Nice cap, Freddie."
Fred: "Of course, what else would I wear?"
Ira: "He has to represent."
Me: "I love it."
Fred: "Has Ira seen your office? Does he know how much you love Bucky Dent?"
Me: "He's referring to my autographed picture of Bucky Dent I have hanging on the wall."
Ira: "You know what they call him in Boston, don't you?"
Me: "Of course, but I love him because he's hot."

I mean this is the banter.  Now, I digress, this is light easy chatter.  But, trust me, we have had heated debates about the Yankees centered on signings, non-signings and of course, A-Rod.  And at the vortex of all of this is the topic of whatever we have going on BYB.  As our Editor-In-Chief, Robert Casey continues to say, BYB is a movement.  It's a site for Yankees fans written by fans.  It's a voice for all of us and even though not everyone speaks up all of the time on Twitter or Facebook, they do at the water cooler, at the Little League field and even on college campuses.  Even Saturday morning, while attending a conference, one of the planners said, "Oh you're @suzieprof.  You write that Yankee blog. I love it."  

So, go ahead, wear that Yankee cap to an upcoming meeting, talk about that bad call or Hal Steinbrenner or Starlin Castro's latest base path debacle.  It's all good because it's all real.  We are the voice of fans. It feels good to be a Yankee fan and to be a part of the real conversations among fans across the nation.

--Suzie Pinstripe, BYB Senior Staff Writer
BYB Hot Stove Columnist
Twitter: @suzieprof

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