Tuesday, May 3, 2016


The Bleeding Yankee Blue store is officially opened with reduced prices like crazy!.  But not only  that, there are 2 new shirts that are must haves for 2016.  And maybe when the Yankee start winning, people will start spending, but the reality is, you gotta check these shirts out, you will LOVE them!

My favorite one of course is the Sports Performance Tee-shirt which is  Dri-Fit type material. That is the one above and below this paragraph. We have men's and women's styles.  They have this awesome graphic on the front and the shirt comes in white so the image pops off the page. The photos I chose to surround our logo are of Derek Jeter, Hideki Matsui, Jorge Posada, Ichiro Suzuki, Andy Pettitte and Masahiro Tanaka. These are one of my favorite recent guys and the pictures I took when I was at games! It's very personal, and I wanted that for our audience. It's important to me.

Here's the most important part; The shirts run larger than normal.  For example. I typically where a medium shirt.  But with these, I wear a small because they are a bit bigger than the normal sizes.  Same with womens.  In fact, the women's have a v-neck so you can show alittle cleavage.  If you knew me, you know I like that and so, it's what Casey wants, right? Help a brother out!

 We need a model to put on our shirt... kind of like this!

We also have the "The Casey Shirt" as people are saying to me.  Love that.

This one has the "Quest for 28" number on the back with my name and the front is BYB and our website on the breast.

Breast. Cleavage... notice a theme? I'm pathetic.

Anyway, the prices for both are as follows:
For "The Casey Shirt": 
Small, Medium, Large are ONLY $14.00

For the Sports Performance Tee: 
Female- XS, Small, Medium, Large are ONLY $16.99
Male- Small, Medium, Large are $16.99  / XL is $17.99

Those are pretty great prices if I do say so myself.

Not to mention, but I will... the Tank Tops, women's cotton panties, baby onesies and standard BleedingYankeeBlue.com shirts are ALL REDUCED PRICES and something that you should take advantage of right away.

 Medium Women's Tanks are on back order, but they will be in soon, I promise!

So look, you gotta do the right thing now.  You gotta go to the BYB Store and check out the merchandise.  We have so many incredible, run items, you need to support Bleeding Yankee Blue and buy!

To go to the store, Click HERE and start shopping. My goal is to get the items out to you as quickly as you order them so you have them when the Yankees go on a huge winning streak, which is bound to happen. After all, Joe Girardi said so. (Read "IT'S GONNA TURN AND WHEN IT DOES, IT'S GONNA TURN BIG")

These products were made because the die-hard readers asked for them. Remember, I'm a suburban dad with no idea what the hell I got myself into.  I made merchandise for Christ's Sake! Now what? Well, hopefully you buy what you requested.

Thank you all for your support of Bleeding Yankee Blue. The journey has been incredible, and I am very proud of what our writers have accomplished and what we are doing here.  It's the coolest ride I've ever been on, that's for sure.

Now go get the credit card out. The store is OPEN. Click HERE.

  Be Read. Get Known.

Thank you for your loyalty to Bleeding Yankee Blue. 
Please shop at the BYB store!  
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