Tuesday, May 3, 2016


Do the New York Yankees stink? You betcha! They are simply lousy. And what’s worse, they, like Chase Headley at the plate, look hopeless! 

It’s almost comical. If the Bombers were collectively playing Black Jack and said to the dealer, “Hit,” said dealer would laugh aloud, call the pit boss and have the Yanks escorted from the casino.

The word isn’t in their vocabulary and is certainly not in their bag of tricks. They don’t hit. They clumsily field and only achieve at underachieving. The Braves look at the Yankees and think, “Boy, those guys couldn’t get a knock with a tennis racket and a beach ball!”

Here is the somewhat pleasant news. THIS IS THE ROCK BOTTOM WE’VE SEEN COMING.
The Yankees have toyed with us. They are supposed to be lousy now! They are old, overpaid and it’s time to blow it up and start again…and we have the kids to do it. Sure, it’s great to believe the Yanks can ALWAYS be good…nobody can. All things must and do turnover. The 1990’s are long gone. The patchwork Cashman did to keep it afloat has now been stitched up so many times that the fabric is no longer viable. It’s time to go back to the farm and grow a new team. There is something great about that. The Yankees are now ready to begin again! Buh bye Tex

So long Carlos. CC, it’s been great old friend. Alex, you can’t hope to spend the money you’ve made…so leave it on the table and walk away. The game is no longer yours. As Mr. Torre said, we only rent this game for a short time.

I’m ready to see a new day in the Bronx. The time has come. Yeah, it’s April, but they can go ahead and punt now. I don’t want to go through another season watching retreads stumble around trying to make us believe. I don’t. 

Like the Six Million Dollar Man, the body is broken now…BUT! “We can rebuild him. We’ll make him better…stronger, faster than he ever was before.” Raise your glasses to the future. Its time is Nye!




--Mike O'Hara Senior "Features" Writer
Twitter: @mikeyoh21


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