Tuesday, May 10, 2016


You cannot make this stuff up!

When we last joked about Mark Teixeira getting hurt, it was when we wrote SWISHER AND TEIXEIRA EXCHANGE TEXTS. In that piece, Swisher said the following:

"Swisher: The way I see it, all I need to do is get some at bats and wait until you take one off the shin. BYB thinks May 8th... haha"

According to NJ.com, "Add first baseman Mark Teixeira to the "Walking Wounded" list, as manager Joe Girardi characterized it. 

Teixeira is out Tuesday with neck spasms, Girardi said, and sounds like he's unavailable for tonight's game against the Kansas City Royals. 

'It's been bothering him and it got to a point where he just felt he needed a day or two to try to clear it up,' Girardi said.

Teixeira was not available to talk to reporters."

Well, of course he's not available for reporters. They would be breaking chops with tissues and asking if he needs to go to the hospital. 

Now I kid about Teixeira, because after all, he's not the only one hurt.  ARod is, Starlin Castro, CC Sabathia and Jacoby Ellsbury is too.  They are all getting hurt at the same time. Tex is not getting picked on here, only to say that it's funny to me that we pretty much called it... or, eh, Nick Swisher did I mean.

Anyway... get well soon Mark.  We know at this point you're day to day, which means, we'll see you mid June. 

Maybe Swisher's ready? Stay tuned.

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