Wednesday, May 18, 2016


When a team wins, it's a team effort. And when a team losses, it's a team effort at well, and no leader, or manager, should hide behind their owner.

Joe Girardi is the manager of the New York Yankees and when things aren't going to team's way, it is the manager that needs to mix things up, despite fat contracts and youth in the minor leagues.  He needs to shake things up and get consistency with his club.  That's why managers are fired when teams don't win. When teams don't win... the manager needs to take the heat. It's as simple as that.  I'm not going to sit here and tell you Joe Girardi needs to be fired.  I'm here to tell you that he needs to change speeds and find our what works with what he has.  And Hal Steinbrenner needs to stop protecting his manager and coaches and understand that sometimes losses are on them too.  Bottom line.

Sure, major league players are grown men and the coaches don't swing their bats for them.  But that's why you have hitting coaches and pitching coaches and HEAD coaches... to coach and guide and do the job too.

Hal said this today in reference to the Yankees slow start. AP writes:

"Yankees owner Hal Steinbrenner has backed manager Joe Girardi and his coaching staff and has blamed players for the team's slow start...'The first five weeks were disappointing, frustrating, particularly looking at the offense,' said Steinbrenner, speaking Wednesday outside Major League Baseball's offices. 'Clearly not living up to their potential. ... When you look at a guy like Mark Teixeira, clearly he's not playing to his potential with the bat.'"

Honestly, Joe needs to take some of the blame here, and if Hal's not going to say it, the manly thing to do would be if Joe stood up and said "It's on me", even if he thinks it's not.  That provides some leadership around his players.  That's provides a team with a "team" mentality.  It's not only the players, Hal as much as the players are sucking the life out of this our fan base.  The manager needs to take some heat too...

My opinion of course.

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