Sunday, May 22, 2016


Doesn't matter how it happens, but it's happening.  The Yankees have won 4 straight.

The starting rotation has been keeping the Yankees in the game.  Couple that with us actually scoring runs and we have something here.  I never thought I'd see the day when Carlos Beltran would lead us... but he's doing it, and good for him. I'm happy to watch him work!

Not gonna lie. I've been running around from game to game all over New Jersey and New York in my real life.  It's not easy when you have many kids doing much baseball and other competitive sports and that's what my life has become.  For example, my wife's in Rutherford today for my second born and I'll be headed to Sparkill in about 10 minutes for yet another baseball game.  It never ends, but this is what we do in my house in the Spring... and Summer.  Our down time is the Fall.

But we do have a plan for later today. If there's time I will take my youngest boys to the Angry Birds movie. After that, maybe alittle grilling and a glass of wine and my wife and I will breath and the weekend is done.

But here's the best part... the Yankees are winning without me.  And when I can check in and see that they've won, it makes me kind of happy.  Especially if they're on a winning streak.  You gotta think that in the back of our minds things are starting to gel.  Let's hope.

Here's the last few games that show that Yankee winning streak against the A's.  

May 19: Yankees 4 - Athletics 1
May 20: Yankees 8 - Athletics 3
May 21: Yankees 5 - Athletics 1 

Tanaka was sensational yesterday showing everyone exactly why we have him on the Yanks. Starlin Castro and Rob Refsnyder each doubled in runs.  And I gotta tell ya. I love watching Aaron Hicks play.  He's fun and full of energy!

Look, overall, we're all busy and there's alot of stuff happening in life, but the bottom line is if the Yankees can win while we're all running around... like me for instance, and I can crack open the paper and read about another W... I'm happy. I can't always be in front of the TV... But reading about it after the fact is sometimes the next best thing. 

Let's get another today... what do you say?

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