Sunday, May 22, 2016


I wrote WHEN YOU BUY INTO YOUR OWN HYPE... about Matt Harvey the other day.  I think it was crystal clear that in the piece I didn't care for the guy because of the way he presents himself and I do not like the way the media salivates over him.  I've stated the same for David Ortiz. Nothing new here. I believe these guys are overhyped. Bottom line. It wasn't hateful, it was an opinion from a Yankee fans perspective. I don't hate... I pick apart. Nothing wrong with that... you're reading a Yankee fan site. What the hell do you think I'm gonna do?

I also wrote this:

" Finally, let me say this; this is my opinion of how the breakdown of Matt Harvey happened.  I have no scientific evidence that this is what happened... this is how I feel like it happened for this guy.  So, in other words, don't try to debate me about how great Matt Harvey is... I do not care."

I didn't say the BYB readers wouldn't care though. And I'm sure some will have opinion on this gem. Here's a comment from Eric and Elaine Ohlson:

"Nice piece of speculative fiction there but all it shows is your dislike for Harvey. Do me a favor, stick to commentary on your own team, an overrated, overpaid, underrated bunch."

That clearly comes from a grown man (and woman) that sleeps in their Harvey jersey.

This is a Yankee site at Bleeding Yankee Blue. And as we've made it clear for almost 6 years... if something bothers us about other teams, other players, we will tell you... even if it's speculative, even if it isn't fact. Even if, and especially if it's an opinion.

Love this line: "Nice piece of speculative fiction there but all it shows is your dislike for Harvey."

Duh. Really? Isn't that obvious?

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