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I love reading opinion articles about the Yankees. Sometimes, you find that article that you just scratch your head and then re-read it because you want to make sure you read it correctly and you aren't going crazy imagining things. That was me earlier today. I found a piece over at ESPN that I found myself talking to as I read it to myself. When that happens you know it is a good one and in this case it had "please refute me BYB" written all over it.

I am a baseball geek so I subscribe to ESPN insider and their magazine so what I read online is not available for everyone to read since it is subscription based, but if you subscribe like me you can find that link HERE.  Jim Bowden's story has some interesting ideas in it, and for those who can't read it the basic idea behind the article is that the Yankees become sellers now rather than later around the trade deadline and just ride out the rest of the season until they prepare for next year. I'm just not ready to give up!

1) Dismantle the bullpen and reload
The Yankees have one of the best (if not the best) bullpen in baseball. The article suggests that the Yankees could put Dellin Betances, Andrew Miller and Aroldis Chapman on the trade market and get as many as 6-8 good prospects for them. While I like the idea of getting some good prospects, I don't think the Yankees need to abandon their greatest strength so early in the season. I wouldn't be heartbroken if the Yankees gave up Chapman, because he is only guaranteed to us this year but I am not okay with giving up Betances, He is young, we still have control over his contract and he is one of our own.

2) Trade Carlos Beltran
Again not an idea that I am completely opposed to. Beltran will be a free agent at the end of the season, but he is still an asset to the team for now. He is a leader in the clubhouse and is valued so much that he was given the Roberto Clemente award in 2013 and he was a mentor for Aaron Judge during spring training. Speaking of Judge, until he is ready to come up to the majors it makes sense for Beltran to stick around. If the Yankees are going to trade Beltran keep him until Judge is ready to come up towards the end of the season. His leadership may be worth more than a lower level pitching prospect.

3) Eliminate one bad contract and replace it for another?
Jacoby Ellsbury hasn't lived up to expectations. The media has openly criticized him and we have too here at BYB but the Yankees are trying to avoid bad contracts. We have also had our fair share of controversy with players and performance enhancing drugs. Yankee brass is ready to be finished with Alex Rodriguez and his performance enhancing drugs why add Ryan Braun to the mix as Bowden suggests? Ellsbury may be under performing but I value his integrity over Braun's poor judgment to be connected with PEDs twice now. That may just be me but....I am tired of talking about ARod's troublesome past so I would rather not do the same for Braun.

4) Reinvent Michael Pineda or upgrade?
Ok, so I agree Pineda is inconsistent but that seems to be the theme for this team. I also agree that the Yankees need to do some more digging and see if changing his endurance training, off day throwing routines and mechanics will help improve him. Where I differ with Bowden is the idea of trading him for Julio Teheran and Freddie Freeman. The article mentions trying to reinvent and figure him out in exchange for Greg Bird. First of all....I am not a huge Freeman fan. Second, I am not giving up Greg Bird for a reclamation project. Mark Teixeira is gone next year and I would much rather have Bird then Freeman and his expensive contract. Bird is the best candidate the Yankees have, and the free agent market doesn't look so promising.

5) Get rid of some big name dead weight
I am all for getting rid of those who cannot pull their weight and contribute, but in this case Bowden suggests walking away from both Tex and Chase Headley. I already asked who was replacing Tex. I am not so sure the Yankees are ready to embrace the idea of Nick Swisher at first and I'm sorry but Dustin Ackley is not an option. As far as Headley goes, as long as the Yankees can find a replacement I wouldn't cry over losing him but it needs to be thought out and not just a quick band-aid fix. It just needs to make sense.

6) Just give up on 2016 now
I'm sorry but we are the damn New York Yankees.....and we don't give up. Who gives up in May?! There is so much baseball left and a lot can change. The Yankees have not become so successful by just giving up. We are determined, gritty and we are fighters. Sure, having a losing season means a great draft pick but who wants a consolation prize? We expect to go out and compete every year and George Steinbrenner would also still expect that also. We are not changing our culture. We don't believe in the idea that "There is always next season" and I refuse to have that mindset.

7) Open the wallet next season
While all Yankee fans like the idea of having some money to go out and get some impact players that is not the direction that Hal has been going in for awhile now. It's all about saving money, developing the farm and growing our own players and getting under the luxury tax. Hal holds the purse strings, and he is not the big spender that his father was. However, I do like the idea of getting Edwin you wouldn't hear me complain there, Bowden.

So, when was the last time the Yankees became sellers BEFORE the trade deadline? I don't know. I also don't want to know and I don't want to start thinking like that now. It's too early to be thinking about sacrificing 2016 for next season. Yankee fans don't think that way and I for one am not about to start!

--Jeana Bellezza, 
BYB Senior Writer and Editor
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