Sunday, May 1, 2016


We here at Bleeding Yankee Blue have taken a bold stance this season. Because this April has been horrible for the Yankees and it's fans, we're not doing recaps of bad games because I gotta tell ya, this is a pretty bad team.

We're not running and hiding. We still love our Yankees and the brand, but there are just so many ways to say the Yankees suck, and we're pretty much done saying it.

I do want to share with your some of the reactions to the Yankees lately among fans.  Some are funny. Some are expressing the same frustration as many of us are.  You gotta check this stuff out:

"It's really really hard to watch Yankees baseball these few weeks. There is no excitement, nothing making you want to watch past the 4th inning." -Danny

"I cannot believe this team! We have the talent. Why the hell are they so bad?" -Greg
"I'm really trying hard not to look at the standings. I keep having to remind myself that it's only APRIL!!!" -Valerie

"Girardi is the absolute worst. What happened to leadership???" -Anthony

"Don't know why you got heat for your article "The Yankees Suck" it was spot on and it's what this blog was built on. Telling it as it is, not as some would like it told." - Charles
"Casey, I get that you don't want to rant everyday about this lousy team. But you gotta let loose.  We love the ranting and this team needs a shaming! They are a terrible ball club." - Mike
"I won't watch the Yankees anymore." -Mary

It is a sad, sad time in Yankeeland when I, who am a diehard fan, did not watch a single inning of the Yankees, Red Sox "rivalry" so far this weekend, and I probably won't watch today either.  I am going to say something horrible right now... I do not care about these Yankees.  I don't care if it's April or September... this is not the Yankees we signed up for.  As fans, you kind of need to demand better.

Stop telling me it's early. I do not care that it's early.  I want wins... we all do.

I just needed to share this post today.  Try to enjoy it.  Keep reading BYB.  We still have amazing commentary, opinion and great articles on life in general.  But I refuse to keep boring you and wasting your time on recaps of Yankee losses and articles about how bad we are as a team.  That's just bad journalism. If we have opinions, solutions on how to fix this team, we will do that, and take some jabs, but writing every single day about how the Yankees are horrible is just not my cup of tea... I don't even like tea.

Be Read. Get Known.

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  3. The downside of being great, when you hit bottom it is all the more striking. However, I am with you. There is no need to hash over the bad days.


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