Thursday, May 5, 2016


The Yankees are definitely in on Tim Lincecum, despite what Jon Heyman of says.  The question is, would they do anything? Who the hell knows. 

I do know this, with the Yankees woes are currently on every back page of every sports publication in New York City, for them to NOT be looking at Tim Lincecum's work out on Friday would be stupid, and so, this is Jon Heyman's way of just annoying everyone. 

Heyman writes:
Now don't forget it, Bleeding Yankee Blue wrote this nice nugget a while back... a nugget none of these baseball insiders had: SOURCE: "LINCECUM COULD BE THE FINAL PIECE"was from February. That was when the guy was minutes away from auditioning.  Then, it was pushed back and pushed back and since then, the Yankees have been stinking up the joint ever since.  Meanwhile, Lincecum has not been showcased yet.

Logically, it now makes more sense than ever that the Yankees would look at every moving part available to see if they could use them.  That's why a guy like Nick Swisher signed a minor league deal.  That's why Phil Coke signed a minor league deal. Trust me, if Lincecum's possibly available, the Yankees are looking and they should be.

We wrote this back in February:

"I checked in with my bud yesterday just asking him to sniff around for me.  He was totally honest with me, telling me that he probably wouldn't be able to find out much, but he did reveal to me that he did hear from one individual with knowledge of the upcoming Tim Lincecum showcase and said if Lincecum can offer enough and can prove that he can still throw, Lincecum 'Could be the final piece.'"

The info is solid, and I guess some of these baseball insiders just don't have it.  It's fine. I never claimed to be one of them. I did promise that if I had something solid, I'd present it to my audience.  This is legit.  Whether or not the Yankees actually pull the trigger is another story. Plus, you have to believe that the Giants will ultimately resign Timmy. 

Whatever the case... Stay tuned.

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