Monday, May 2, 2016


We all know the Yankees are off to a horrid start to the season. The offense has been pathetic and the pitching not a whole hell of a lot better. The info below shows how bad they really have been over the first month. Awful is probably a better word.
(Source: RAB)
As a manager, Joe Girardi needs to come up with some things to get it done. There are plenty of things he could do, both on and off the field.

Girardi was once the NL Manager of the Year and can deploy some of the NL small ball tactics to help spark an offense. Two runs or fewer in 10 of 20 games heading into Friday and in the last 15, only four or more runs once? Jeez!

If the offense cannot slug their way to scoring runs, then the manager has to get the team going. They should run more when they get on base; they should bunt in smart situations, even though it’s not a common tactic in the AL. But when you score two runs a game, it can’t get much worse, right? Throw in some hit and runs and squeeze with a guy on third. If the boppers aren’t getting it done, then manage your way to a victory Joe!!

Another thing Girardi can do to get the boys fired up is go out and put on a show with an umpire. Go out and get in an umps face, get tossed, make a scene and get the boys fired up. Sometimes having your player’s backs and showing it in front of millions of fans can get a fire lit under the player’s asses! It sure can’t hurt since what’s going on right now sure isn’t working.

Off the field the manager, coaches and organization can try to things that could help. Bring in a motivational speaker, maybe The Captain or Mariano. A team building type day, again similar to what is done in spring training, where the players can kick back and relax, forget about baseball for a few and come back refreshed could give the team a ‘fresh start’.
The Yankees and Sox series this weekend was what they needed, but it wasn't a successful series. Winning the series could have built momentum as we head into month two of the season. We are only a month in and a lot can change but it better start changing soon.
The Stadium has been dead, the teams and fans seemingly have no energy or fire and it shows with their AL East worst record.

Whatever Girardi has to do to get them going, it has to be done soon. They can’t afford to continue down this lackluster, unexciting slippery slope.
What do you have for us, Joe? Give us something. 

 --Dan Lucia
BYB Senior Writer
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