Monday, May 16, 2016


BYB is a family.  We've come together as a writing staff and fan base to provide not only news and information, but dialog between all of us.  We laugh at each other... sometimes we argue, but there's no hate.  We are unique and we work very hard to keep that going.

I want to take a moment to wish a very Happy Birthday to one of the dinosaurs of BYB.  Ike Dimitriadis writes for us quite a bit and it started with him doing recaps for us.  Over time, I  asked if he'd stay on and do some feature work for us, and he did and we're very, very lucky to have him.  Ike isn't a quitter, and that's the attitude I like in my writers.  He's dependable, smart about the game and doesn't overload you guys, or me, with Sabermetrics. Yup... it's like one of his favorite things, but he curbs it for me, and I love the guy for it.

So do me a favor today.  Wish Ike a very happy birthday. He's a great husband, father, family man and a dedicated and important member of the BYB staff.  He's also my friend.

Happy Birthday bud.  You're one of the best! Thanks for being with us!

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