Monday, May 9, 2016


I know... it's a cheap shot headline.  I just want the Yankee pitching and hitting to work together for crying out loud!  Lately it feels like our pitching is doing pretty well, we just can't score runs and you usually need to hit to do that.

As many already know, but it's worth mentioning on BYB's pages, Aroldis Chapman is back and officially on the 25 man roster.  To make room, the Yankees sent down Johnny Barbato. ESPN writes:

"Aroldis Chapman returns to the major leagues on Monday after serving a 29-game suspension handed down by Rob Manfred under the domestic violence policy (note: the suspension was shortened by 1 game from its original 30)."

Good...and that brings me to the hitting part of this post and that of 3rd baseman Chase Headley.  Now, I'm not only picking on Headley here, I'm picking on all of them, but Reggie Jackson had something to say to Headley today and it's a great little piece of advice, inspiration, whatever.  I mean, after all, this is a Hall of Famer and a guy who struck out way too much in his major league career. writes that Reggie visited with the players and Headley talks about what he said:

"Reggie Jackson visited with him in the batting cage after his session and offered some uplifting words.

'Just talking as hitters,' Headley said. 'We've all been there. He's like: 'Listen man, everybody has been where you are, like, just know you're going to come out of it, keep going.'"

And it's very true.  I hammer many of these guys for not hitting all the time, but it's just a matter of time.  Headley WILL hit again. It's not like he's lost his ability to ever hit.  It's just so strange to see them all go through it at the same time.  It's literally insane.

But the reality is, we need too now.  It's May, and it's no longer early.  We need some strings of wins... we need some strings of hits and we need most of all, consistency.

Anyway... Yanks need this one tonight.  Let's go!

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