Tuesday, May 3, 2016


Finally, alittle anger coming from our General Manager.  That's what I like to hear!

Usually the fans are angry and he says, "Well, it's early, the bats will come around". But yesterday he basically said that enough was enough with this crappy team!

"I’ve done this job a long time and I put this roster together... I feel it’s significantly better than it has performed, and when it doesn’t perform up to expectations over the course of time, I have a history of making changes. I would rather not go that route, but when you are forced to do so, you are forced to do so... There’s only so long you can allow it to go on before tinkering... But it just needs to stop."

And there's more:

"It’s really frustrating... This team scored the second-most runs in the American League last year and we’ve added Starlin Castro to it. To come off a horrific month of April like we have, it is pretty hard to stomach.... Some leashes might be shorter than others... This group needs to self-correct... To the degree it doesn’t, then yeah, I’ll look for alternatives to get us going. I’d rather not do that.”

Those quotes are all Cashman and all from the New York Times which is linked to this page.  Bottom line, Cashman is angry and he should be. The Yankees are playing like shit and so, for all the fans that keep telling me it's early... well, it's May, and they should not be this far in the hole.  Not with the lineup they have.

And so I say, GOOD FOR YOU CASHMAN. I love the wording and I love that no one is safe! Go do what needs to be done.  Sit veterans, bring up some kids.  Make some trades.  Sign Tim Lincecum (Read HERE), make things happen to let this team know us fans do NOT deserve this!

Anyway... a good piece by the times, and thank God we see some fight in Brian Cashman! Now the next question... will he act?

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