Wednesday, May 11, 2016


People look at Brendan Ryan and think of him as an OK ballplayer that moves around a lot.  I think of Brendan Ryan as a useful ballplayer that is always needed and a player that truly loves the game. It's not about Hall of Fame stats... it's about guts. And that's how I see Ryan.  Look, you know I've grown to really like both he and wife Sharyn just because they are very personable people who not only adore each other, but grind through the sometimes craziness in the baseball world when it comes to trades and what not.  In the end, of course you want to be on a team for a while and have that consistency and stability, but this is baseball and in the end, they know this is what they signed up for.  And so... they will grind again...

The word is, the Former New York Yankee is also now a former Washington National.  Ryan has been traded to the Angels.  I went to the Los Angeles Times for this story:

"The Angels moved quickly to fill a void at shortstop Tuesday, acquiring triple-A infielder Brendan Ryan from the Washington Nationals for a player to be named later or cash.

Starting shortstop Andrelton Simmons suffered a torn ligament in his left thumb while making a backhand diving stop of a grounder on Sunday and will undergo surgery that will sideline him for at least two months."

And so, Ryan will do what he does best... never complain and go do the job of utility or whatever his new team will need.  Admire it folks. It ain't easy, but in the end, Brendan's still working.  Gotta love and respect it.

My personal best to the Ryans.  And for the BYB fan base, re-read and listen to our interview with B and Sharyn:   EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: BRENDAN & SHARYN RYAN.

Good luck guys! We'll talk soon.

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