Thursday, May 5, 2016


Yeah, here it goes.

It appears to have started from Ken Rosenthal and then Pinstripe Alley and MLBTR had some fun with the speculation.  Whatever man... with the Yankee stinking up the joint lately, names like Tim Lincecum (read REMEMBER TIM LINCECUM? HE'S ABOUT TO AUDITION) and now Ryan Braun are making Yankee fans giddy for change, but the reality is, it's doubtful stuff like this can happen.

Anyway, MLB Trade Rumors reports what Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports opines about:

"Brewers star left fielder Ryan Braun can veto a trade to all teams except the Dodgers, Angels, Marlins, Rays and Nationals, but the idea of rebuilding Milwaukee dealing him “is becoming more realistic,” FOX Sports’ Ken Rosenthal reports..."

OK fine. Now couple that with this headline:Does Ryan Braun make sense for the Yankees?

But Thank God the PA article is realistic:

"Braun makes sense for the Yankees in many ways. But, the cost of acquiring him, and the maneuvering that will be required to open up a roster spot, make it unlikely that Braun has pinstripes in his future...The biggest question is where would he play? Beltran is in the final year of his contract, but at the moment there is no obvious landing spot for Braun....

The Yankees could find a taker for Gardner, but if they acquire Braun first, potential trading partners would have significant leverage in trade negotiations....Even if the Yankees found a spot for Braun on their roster, his acquisition would be at odds with the team's youth movement."

And so, while the idea is very intriguing, it's like the very early, "Rumor Mill" stuff going on and so Pinstripe Alley actually takes the time to break down how unrealistic it is... mostly because of all of the moving parts.

Look, the Yankees need to get it together. There is no question about that, but my take on this is simpleyou're not gonna just throw money at the problem to fix it.  If the Yankees aren't winning with the vets, then bring up the kids and let's have alittle fun at least.  There is zero reason to spend money on MORE veterans. You know what I mean?

Anyway, nice nugget.  I thought I would share!

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