Tuesday, May 31, 2016


Just a quick note.  Dustin Ackley, who hasn't exactly lit it up this season is now out with a torn labrum. He was placed on the 15 day DL. But there is more.

This was tweeted by Bryan Hoch:
Now sadly, Yankee fans aren't looking at this as a big deal.  I mean, as sad as it sounds, Ackley is batting .148 in 28 games.  He's not exactly helping the club.  And so many of us have already moved on.  I mean, the Yankees really have to decide what to do next.

Yes, the Yankees have called up Rob Refsnyder, but Pinstripe Alley and I both agree... this move is not the solution full time solution.  And where is Nick Swisher?

PA writes: "In a corresponding move, Rob Refsnyder has rejoined the MLB team, but probably won't be a candidate to play any first base. He will probably remain on the bench, but could see action in right field and at second base. If there was any time where Nick Swisher would be considered a useful major league addition, this might be the time, but the Yankees not bringing him up should be telling."

And it IS telling. Swisher is batting .250 with 4 home runs in 34 games.  But, while he may not be lighting it up in AAA, he's a great idea for a backup 1st baseman and willing to do whatever the Yankees want. But you gotta wonder why the hesitation?  Do the Yankees NOT want the buzz and annoyance of everyone rooting for the Bronx Elvis as he takes the field? What is the hold up here? Are they seriously looking at those numbers and thinking, "He's not ready?" I mean Swisher DOES have the experience. 

Many believe that the Yankees have no intention of bringing Swish up.  In fact, read Erica Morales's piece about Swisher in SWISHER'S WORLD.  You will like it.

And that comes back to Dustin Ackley.  He's out, but no one cares.  We are all quickly thinking about the replacement.  While Refsnyder makes sense... he's NOT the solution. 

I have news for you kids... Swisher IS.

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