Friday, April 1, 2016


Right now! April Fools is a helluva thing.

Look, you know what day it is. You read what I read, but BYB readers are smart, and you know for a fact that reading a story from a Yankee blog and NO WHERE else on April Fools' Day could lead to disaster.... or... at least a falsehood. And to be honest... it's freaking dumb. My opinion.

A story has been floated today that the Yankees are in talks with Jeter to become part owner of the New York Yankees.  While the idea makes sense and many love it... we at BYB made calls today and can confirm, that that is definitely not the case... at least right now.  We DO know that Jeet has loose ties to a story discussing him being part owner for the Rays.  That story has been out there for some time. The latest comes from ESPN who writes from March 23rd:

"Two MLB sources say they have not heard anything concrete about a Jeter-Rays link, so for now this appears to be a rumor without substance. But the speculation makes sense in some ways: 

Jeter lives in Tampa, and he would be a perfect agent for change whenever the Rays reach a turning point in their ballpark situation, in the same way that Magic Johnson was the right guy to be part of the Dodgers' new ownership group in L.A. Jeter carries star power and credibility, of course, which will only grow once he is inducted into the Hall of Fame. It's easy to envision Jeter having power as a lobbyist for a team looking for a new ballpark situation."

That comes from Olney, and I'm even partially skeptical of that.  But I can tell you, after being on the phone with 2 individuals... one being directly IN the Yankees camp, the other an outsider with knowledge on the situation... there is NO CONNECTION to Jeter and the Yankees and "part ownership" at this time.  Calm the fuck down... pardon my french.

You've been had... and you know what? You're better than that.

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