Friday, April 1, 2016


Supposedly without a paddle too!

Or so my boyfriend said as soon as Miller's injury broke. He was all too excited to tell me about the news but he is an Angels fan so it is hard to take anything he says seriously. He says we are screwed and the Yankees are going to finish April twelve games behind the lonely Orioles. Again, he is delusional. I am still looking at things with the attitude of the glass being half full rather than half empty. Never listen to Yankee bashing Angels fans, if you take only one thing away from this post please let it be that.

For weeks now all I have heard from him is how the Yankees will have a great bullpen but we will never see them because the Yankees are going to be down by ten runs and there will be no need to use them. They will just collect dust on the bench.

Well, now he says we will never see them because Aroldis Chapman is going to be forgotten and when he does come back he is going to suck. We won't see Andrew Miller because his wrist fracture is going to be a lot worse than what is already being reported and he's going to be out for a long time.

Suddenly he is Doogie Howser and the smartest doctor ever.

Look, I am not going to panic yet. Things could be a lot worse, and in fact I am choosing to embrace THIS article that the New York Post wrote late yesterday. The X-ray was negative and the CT scan showed a fracture, not a broken wrist. Read OK THEN... SO IT'S NOT MILLER TIME for that.

I will take that as a silver lining. Now as long as this doesn't turn into a new version of the Mark Teixeira "It's a deep bone bruise....oh it's not. We were wrong" soap opera then I will be OK. If it turns out that Miller is misdiagnosed then I reserve the right to go bat shit crazy. Until then, I still stand by the theory that my Angels loving boyfriend is still WRONG.

While we wait for Miller to see that hand specialist and determine the next step I am going to take a lesson from Miller himself and stay optimistic. This guy is a gamer, he says he is going to be ready for opening day. While I know there is a possibility that he won't be I can't help but to feed off of his energy.He is ready to get to the meaningful games just like we are and is waiting to contribute. You have to admire his spirit even as we sit and wait anxiously.

I know it feels like we have a curse hanging over us as Casey wrote about in ANOTHER BIG BLOW TO THE YANKEES STAFF but it's not time to jump ship here. Sure the Yankees may have to fight the current to get upstream, but we are certainly not up shit creek without a paddle. Who says that before the first pitch of the first game of the season? Remember, don't listen to Angels fans. They will only try to convince you that the Yankees suck and that suddenly this is 2002 again. They have psychic connections with the famous Miss Cleo. Just hit the mute button because I promise you that will be better.

Just like many of the previous seasons, the Yankees have learned to endure with injuries and we have worked through them all. The Yankees are crafty and we still have Dellin Betances and another lefty Chasen Shreve who the Yankees can turn to. So to my misguided other half.....I am sorry but this time you are swimming by yourself because none of us at BYB are going to panic just yet. 

--Jeana Bellezza, 
BYB Senior Writer and Editor
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