Tuesday, April 19, 2016


Interesting article from Joel Sherman of the New York Post you need to read. While I just reported late last night about how the Yankees pen is unstoppable... read ON YANKEES PEN: "THOSE GUYS ARE RIDICULOUS", Sherman believes that yes, they are truly great but you gotta wonder if that greatness will help get them traded by the trade deadline... especially if the Yankees are in the thick of it and want a solid starter like they wanted this off season:

"You might remember that during the offseason, the Yankees were willing to listen to offers for any of their big relievers, notably Andrew Miller, but also Dellin Betances and even Chapman after he was obtained. Their focus was to find a high-end starter with less than three years of service time...

More interesting, if the Yankees are contending, should they still consider dealing Chapman to try to fix an area of weakness (assuming they shop Chapman rather than Miller or Betances, whom the Yankees control into the future)?"

Very interesting theory, and of course, it makes alot of sense, but I believe Cashman is smart when it comes to our pen, and to be honest, as good as Chasen Shreve and Johnny Barbato have been to get to the Yankees 3 headed monster, I don't expect them to last super long.  In essence, the Yankees need their starters to give them alittle more some days.  If they do, they may not need another starter.  But of course, stockpiling arms is never a bad thing either.

Look, it's just another interesting story about the Yankees plans down the road.  There are options, and while Cashman has stated he has no intention of trading away Betances, Miller or Chapman... you just don't truly know what Cashman is thinking... he never shows his hand.

Anyway... nice piece from Sherman, be sure to check it out.

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