Friday, April 15, 2016


Remember the Fat Boys? Remember when they did their cover of Wipeout by the Sufaris? I do and it was a fun gimmick, but ultimately, it was a disaster, because in a nutshell, sometimes things look good on paper and then when their executed, well... it doesn't turn out the same way.  Kind of like the Yankees playing the Mariners tonight.

We had Luis Severino on the mound... we were playing the pathetic Mariners. It was literally an easy win... kind of like Wipeout by the Fat Boys, right? No... wrong!

The Yankees were 0-12 with Runners in Scoring Position tonight.  Do you have any idea how embarrassing that is?  We had 6 hits and 1 run to the Mariners 7 runs tonight.  The M's just showed up. We were lost.  We scored 1 run, a solo shot from Brett Gardner.  You gotta read this description of one of the innings for the Yankees... brought to you by's Greg Johns and Nick Suss:

"The fourth inning couldn't have started much better for the Yankees. With the game tied at 1, Dustin Ackley led off with a walk. Starlin Castro singled, moving Ackley to third. A Karns wild pitch moved Castro to second. But Karns worked his way out of trouble, striking out Didi Gregorius, Chase Headley and Jacoby Ellsbury in succession, with Headley and Ellsbury going down looking."

That's basically how it went all night. Look, I don't get too disappointed about Yankee losses like I used to, but this spectacle tonight was terrible.  Worst part?  Robinson Cano was 2-5 with an RBI.  Sweet lord, we need to turn this around. 

I leave you with this... The Fat Boys, featuring the Beach Boys... Wipeout!

Final: Mariners 7 - Yankees 1

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