Wednesday, April 13, 2016


This is what I like about these New York Yankees.  They don't appear to give up when they are losing.  A few times this season I was able to enjoy the Yankees, when, if they were behind, they clawed back to hold their opponent and win the game.  It's a glimpse of 2009 all over again and I love it.

They don't appear slow and tired.  They appeared energized at the plate.  I honestly feel like we need to credit Marcus Thames and Alan Cockrell because there is something unique about each players approach to the plate.  I've never seen Brian McCann look so good.  I like what Starlin Castro brings to the table.  There's life... and me likey.

Yanks won 3-2.  Masahiro Tanaka was on the hill and he did OK.  Again, nothing spectacular but he got us to the bridge.  I keep waiting for this guy to be lights out and I wonder if that will ever happen. I'm just not sure.

Tanaka went 5 innings again, gave up 3 hits and 2 runs.  He struck out 6 and walked 4. Johnny Barbato got the win and that's because the Yankees came back.  With us down 2-1 it was McCann with a solo shot to tie it up. Then, Jacoby Ellsbury singled in Chase Headley to put us ahead for good.

The Yankee bridge came in and did their job. Andrew Miller got save number 2. It was a big win, but I was tired. I tweeted this:
Needless to say, this morning I don't feel rested and I look fat.

Oh and by the way, did anyone happen to get a glimpse of that bat boy warlock handing the bat back to Castro last night?

My god, I didn't know they had Bat Men in Toronto.  Sweet Lord. You can't make that up.

Final: Yankees 3 - Blue Jays 2

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