Friday, April 1, 2016


Pretty dumb line coming from Pablo Sandoval's agent in reference to him being recently benched in replace of Travis Shaw at third for the Red Sox this season.  I have to say, I don't like the Red Sox... but I LOVE what the Sox did here.

Pablo Sandoval is fat, not nimble, and is clearly being paid what he shouldn't be.  The Red Sox made a bad deal signing Sandoval for the amount of money they did... much like the Yankees did with Jacoby Ellsbury.

And whats more, the Sox are doing the right thing, finding the player that best fits the spot to help their team win in 2016.  Sandoval can get at bats in as the DH... but at third base... forget it. He's no good.  How about his agent telling the dude to lose some weight.

Pablo's agent said this of the recent move by the Sox:
Now look, this is just another example of a team that spent way too much money on a player, and an agent suggesting they "need" to play... because, well... he's a "franchise" type player.  I have news for you...

Mike Trout is a franchise player... a Ferrari.

Kung Fu Panda is a friggin' fat Pinto. Eventually... they break down and are bad investments.

His agent didn't help his cause here.  Pretty damn hilarious.

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