Saturday, April 2, 2016


We all knew it was coming and I'm glad the big lug got what he should get... a spot in the starting rotation.  The Yankees announced yesterday that CC Sabathia will get the rotation spot and Ivan Nova would be the long man. writes: "CC Sabathia won the fifth spot in the team's rotation. Cool.

But for how long?

Manager Joe Girardi said putting a number on it isn't fair, but that doesn't mean he won't be monitored more closely than the other four starters.

'But we're going to watch,' Girardi said.

General manager Brian Cashman was a bit informative, if still not precise.

'I can't say how long a leash it is,' Cashman said. 'Listen, when you're in the fifth spot you have to, I think any fifth starter in the game has a shorter leash. Hopefully that was the right call and hopefully he'll do well and pitch well for us.'"

 And there's the thing that everyone understands, including CC Sabathia who is a 1000% certified gamer when it comes to the New York Yankees and even in his days back in Cleveland. If you don't perform... you don't play.  The stakes are too high. CC knows this... there will be pressure, but the starting rotation is where he belongs... right now.

If he doesn't do what's needed, the fallback is Nova and that's not a bad thing.  CC just has to do his best out there... in April.  The timing for experiments is right.

Hat tip to CC.  Go get'em big guy!

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