Monday, April 4, 2016


It's raining and snowing in the Northeast.  The weather is absolutely not Spring weather. I gotta tell you know, waking up to 1010 Wins, I was excited.  It's baseball season with Opening day for Major League baseball starting yesterday, but the Yankees were expected to play today, but the rain postponed things until tomorrow.  My buddy will be going. I'll be at work.  Hey, it happens.   Doesn't matter. I will find a radio somewhere, put it on real low and listen as I do whatever the hell I have to do today.

I've been so consumed with life that I wasn't paying attention to the Yankees Opening Day.  That's allowed by the way. Life comes first, it always should.  Speaking of life, not sure you saw the great interview Jeana Bellezza did with former Yankee Clay Bellinger, but it's a perfect for way for us to start off the season.  A Former Yankee who now lives life to the fullest... saving lives.  As Jeana wrote in her piece:

" Kids say baseball players are heroes, but Clay and his team are involved in heroic acts all of the time and that should not go unnoticed. "  

So true.  Bravely is incredible and courageous and I have news for you... no everyone has it in them.  I was touched by this interview.  I want to make sure you all give it a read.  Click on EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: CLAY BELLINGER. You will love it.

I've been so behind, the BYB store, while opened, isn't updated with our new selections yet.  Hey man, I got a lot going on, trust me, the stuff will be there, don't fret... I just need some time.  In the meantime, there are some of last years items in there.  If you want to do alittle browsing, I suggest you do it! We hope to have new items up next week including this design.

I chose a few of my favorite Yankees in recent history for the photos.  Jeter, Pettitte, Matsui, Tanaka, Posada, Ichiro.  There is hundreds of favorites, I get that, but I was trying to be unique to what BYB does.  We're different... remember.  I also wanted to give you that fan feel.  There are no professional photos... these are pictures from the nose bleeds, from the every day fans perspective.  I'm not looking to get up close at Yankee games... I just want to sit with the fans and enjoy a good game.  That's what BYB represents... regular fans, regular games and a good time.   We're still tweaking this desgin a bit, but it's coming soon folks.

The Yankees play tomorrow on a sunny day, the game will happen.  You never like Opening day in the Bronx to be wet and cold, but sometimes you have to deal with the elements. Not today. Tomorrow will be Opening Day now!

This is just a note to say Thanks.  Sometimes life goes pretty fast. Between coaching baseball, helping out my community and being passionate about everything I've been doing... sometimes I need to stop and take a deep breath and look around.  I did this morning and I wanted to just take a moment and thank every single reader and supporter of BYB.  You guys are my second family.  My writers are wonderful, our readers are amazing.  

Keep reading, keep sharing and keep wearing us.  We appreciate you all and love that you loyal readers of BYB understand the concept here.  We are family.  
We love to talk about family but we always love our Yankees, who, ironically are family too.  That's where our heart is and always will be.

Thank you all for your support.  #BYB will be here as long as you are.  Thank you. 

Let's play ball.

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