Monday, April 11, 2016


It's amazing to me how many pitchers and players in general are getting Tommy John Surgery.  It's fascinating actually.  We even wrote extensively about saving young arms in youth baseball in SAVING ARMS: A BYB FEATURE...a very popular feature on BYB. Here's a snippet:
"Baseball Health Network just launched it's website, and I would highly recommend checking it out. While talking with (Steve) Hayward, great points were made. We discussed pitch counts and how the number of pitches a player throws should not be determined by the league’s rules, but by how prepared the player is. Notice that's in bold.  If, for example, a kid in youth baseball is allowed to throw 85 pitches in a game, that doesn’t necessarily mean he should. If it’s game one and he has maxed out at a 40 pitch bullpen, what would make you think he is ready to rear back and throw 85 pitches? He did not build up his pitch count and arm strength enough leading up to this first start. See what I mean?"

That was on the youth scale, but that translates all the way to High School and to minor and major leaguers today and it's just the way it is right now in sports, baseball in particular.  In a nutshell, training is very specific and youth athletes are just "Doing it wrong" so to speak.

Now it looks like another Yankee is now going under the knife.  Chad Jennings of LoHud just tweaked this about minor league Yankee Nick Rumbelow:
Now look, the Yankees were looking forward to possibly seeing this guy at some point, they had high hopes, I guess they just need to wait it out now.

(In photo: Steve Hayward, Dr. Christopher Ahmad)
I wonder if Dr. Ahmad, who was written about in that SAVING ARMS: A BYB FEATURE piece will do the surgery. 

Remember he did Chase Whitley when he was with the team.

Anyway, that's alittle nugget coming out of Yankeeland right now and the whole thing is just very interesting.  We'll keep you posted if any more details come out. For now, get well soon Nick.

And by the way, if you get a moment, read about the Baseball Health Network and be sure to read that Saving Arms feature.  We'll have a followup to it in just a few days. Look for it ONLY on Bleeding Yankee Blue.

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