Tuesday, April 5, 2016


The umpiring was suspect.  I'm not acting like a bitch here because the Yankees lost. Trust me, I knew it was a tall order considering Dallas Keuchel was on the mound.  But when a guy like Carlos Correa is running to first and you can't get the ball to the pitcher because the view is obstructed, what are the umpires suggesting when they call the runner safe? That it's OK to drill the guy in the back?

The 8th inning was where it fell apart for the Yankees, and it didn't have to.  Betances was being too nice, I guess. That's what it is, right? Dellin should have went street on the Astros and drilled Correa. Then he would have been called out, yet, it's literally a recipe for a true baseball brawl!  Whatever man. The Yankees say the game's under protest. Joe believes they need to look more closely at the rule. I agree 100%.  I support them on this and I loved how Girardi handled it today and said so:
Look, the Yankees hit the ball today, and for much of the game, as I suggested in IT'S TOUGH, BUT WE CAN BEAT DALLAS KEUCHEL, if the offense score a few, and Tanaka could hold the Astros, 2-1 was my suggestion for a Yankee win. Ironically, it was like that for a while there. But again... that 8th inning ruined it.

A few highlights.  Masahiro Tanaka looked good.  5.2 innings, he allowed 4 hits and 2 runs.  He only walked 1.   Starlin Castro hit a gorgeous double to knock in 2.  I really like this guy.  Didi Gregorius homered. Only a solo shot, but who cares, it was a nice crush.

Ultimately though, I personally support the Yankees are taking a stand protesting this game. I love it.  For now though... Yanks lose and 161 games left.  We move on for now.

Final: Astros 5 - Yankees 3

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