Thursday, April 7, 2016


"Now we need to stay consistent.  Great Series win!" 
--Joey Moses, Yankee fan & BYB fan from Australia

The text was correct.  The win today was huge. My smile was big.

It wasn't only the win, it was the way the Yankees did it.  They looked energized.  They pitched well. They hit when they needed to hit.  They came back from losing and they trounced the Astros by taking the lead and winning 8-5.  It was big, and it was what Yankee fans really needed to see. There were no sleeping bats.  There were no hamstring pulls or lousy errors... the Yankees played excellent today, and much like I said in I GOT THE FEVER AND THE ONLY PRESCRIPTION IS MORE YANKEES!,

" the series and move on. Keep winning a series and you have a huge shot at getting into the playoffs and crushing it! Bottom line."

Joey and I are on the same wave length.  Joey and I are good friends because of stuff like that.  More importantly though, BYB readers know this... and today was a great day for the Yankees, bottom line.

A few highlights...

Nathan Eovaldi went 5 innings, struck out 7, gave up 6 hits and 5 runs.  Here's the best part; the Yankees were losing at the time, but when the rest of the pen showed up, the combination of Shreve, Yates, Betances and Miller only gave up 3 hits and held the 'Stros to 5.  The Yankee offense... well... they chipped away.

Brian McCann homered today.  Starlin Castro homered... and by the way, is batting .700! Welcome to the Bronx, Castro. ARod singled in Jacoby Ellsbury.  

Mark Teixeira knocked a laser into the left field seats, batting lefty mind you!   Ellsbury, ARod,Tex, McCann and Castro each had 2 hits.  Someone tell me what is in the secret sauce that Alan Cockrell is selling because it's GOOD!

12 hits and 8 runs from the Yankees today.  They need to keep this going.  No... I'll take the words from my buddy Joey... "Now we need to stay consistent."  

Damn right they do!

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