Thursday, April 28, 2016


Lord I hope so.

I can't stand when the Yankees lose and BYB has decided to take a pretty risky turn in the way we present news and information to all of you.  We're no gonna recap crappy losses.  Hell, we may not recap any losses. That's because this month has not been a good one for the Yankees and it's kind of embarrassing.  Now, I won't give up on my team.  No one truly leaves the Yankee fan base ever.  But instead of killing the Yankees daily on BYB, I'll take the less aggressive approach and not get crazy.  After all, I wrote THE YANKEES SUCK! on April 22nd and the damn thing's still trending on #BYB. What more do I need to say?

CC Sabathia helped contribute to last night's loss, but before the 6th inning, the guy was pitching really well, and as you know, we love and respect this dude!  I want to take from the New York Post on this one:

"'We feel like it’s gonna turn at any moment,' Sabathia said after falling to 1-2. 'It’s tough for all of us. There are accomplished hitters in here, some great ones...'

'Obviously, you want to be over .500 every month, but you’d rather it be April than September,' said Chase Headley, a main culprit, who went 0-for-3 and now has two hits in his last 24 at-bats. 'We’re gonna play better and come out of it.'"

Headley, another guy struggling and many are obviously asking questions on what the hell to do.  Look, I chose those quotes above because those 2 guys are in the trenches every day and it's tough as hell when you're losing to turn it around. But any Yankee fan knows it's coming, it's just getting there that's super hard to deal with.

But there's the worst part.  The obnoxiousness of  Joe Girardi.  More from the Post:

"Girardi opted to not have the team take batting practice because it was the Yankees’ ninth game in as many days. Yet that strategy did little to change things, and it’s an aspect of the Yankees’ slow start that has Girardi particularly vexed. 

After repeated questions about how to fix the offense, Girardi responded: 'Flip it upside down? What do you want me to do? It’s way too early for that. You want me to hit [Ronald] Torreyes fourth?'

Give me a break Joe. Reporters need to ask questions, stop it!

Can the Yanks turn it around? Sure... and by the way, fans won't leave, we just take a break from the losses and enjoy our families or stop going to the stadium a bit and watch on TV with the luxury of turning it off if they stink up the joint.  But it's tough.  Doesn't matter though... we still love our team:
That's Joanie, a BYB fan, check out the tank.  She's representing.

Larry is too. He was there last night!  This guy has been reading BYB for years, and he let me know that he was there and he was still rooting no matter what.

Yes, the losses are brutal, but I leave you with one important quote from Joe Girardi that I will hang onto all season:

"It’s gonna turn, and when it does, it’s gonna turn big.”

Write that down.

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