Thursday, April 7, 2016


Sometimes the Yankees just look amazing.  I have always said that I would rather see a Yankee team blowing the opponent out than a close game.  My nerves become shot otherwise.

The Yankees won big time tonight, 16-6 and that only means 1 thing to me; Tomorrow they will lose 1-0. I kid, I kid.

Starlin Castro is so hot right now. He had a 3 run home run and 5 RBIs. Brian McCann did some big stuff tonight having 2 hits.  Mark Teixeira hit a home run, had 4 RBIs and didn't get a bone bruise.

The point is, the Yankee bats are hot when Dallas Keuchel isn't pitching.

Michael Pineda started for the Yankees.  I loved him throwing tonight. First time out this season.  5 innings, allowed 6 runs but with the Yankees lead, it really didn't matter.  Pineda also struck out 5.  He gave up 3 home runs, but that will change as the season goes on.

Ivan Nova went huge tonight relieving Pineda and going 4 innings allowing 4 hits and nothing more. Mark my words, Nova is knocking on CC Sabathia's door.  Nova wants that 5th spot in the rotation and if CC makes any mistakes this season, Nova could definitely swoop in.  He was amazing tonight... good for him.

The Yanks had 17 hits tonight. Brett Gardner walked 4 times. Didi Gregorius had 3 hits.  It's stuff like that that you really get excited about when it comes to the Yankees.  Bottom line, they won tonight. Now they need to win tomorrow, win the series and move on. Keep winning a series and you have a huge shot at getting into the playoffs and crushing it! Bottom line.

Final: Yankees 16 - Astros 6

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