Thursday, April 14, 2016


The game was close last night.  Then the 8th inning happened and the wheels fell off.  That's baseball.

Michael Pineda looked decent and was able to hold the Jays to just a few runs, trying desperately to give the Yankees offense time to crush Happ and the Blue Jays but it just never happened.  When Ivan Nova entered the game, he just didn't have it. Pineda went 6 innings, gave up 5 hits and 3 runs. He struck out 6. 

Yates did his job and then Nova came in, giving up an additional 4 runs over just 1 inning. 

The only Yankee scoring went like this...

In the 5th Aaron Hicks grounded out, but Ronald Torreyes scored in the process.  Then, in the 8th, with Drew Storen throwing, Mark Teixeira homered.

Over all, not a great night for the Yankees, but losses are gonna happen once in a while, just let it be.  It's a new day, we come back stronger today and win.  The goal is always to win the series against your opponent... you can't win 162 games... you just can't.

Final: Blue Jays 7 - Yankees 2

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