Sunday, April 17, 2016


Today was a necessary win.  We can't get swept by the Mariners... that would have just been wrong. Couple that with a slumping Alex Rodriguez and today everything started to come together nicely. Masahiro Tanaka pitched 7 innings strong, Alex homered and the Yankees won.

Tanaka gave up 6 hits and 3 runs.  He struck out 6 and walked none.  Betances and Miller came in and shut down the M's.  Miller got save number 3.

The Yankee hitting went like this...

With the Yankees down 1-0, Alex Rodriguez hit a 2 run homer in the second inning.  In the 3rd, Gardy hit a grounds-rule double knocking in Jacoby Ellsbury.  Then, with the game tied 3-3, bottom of the 5th, Mark Teixeira at the plate but was thrown a wild pitch.  In the process... Gardy scored.

Over all, the win was important.  Yanks need to get back in the groove. What is very important is guys like Gardy and ARod were jump started today.  Let's hope it sticks!

Final: Yankees 4 - Mariners 3

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