Sunday, April 10, 2016


BYB's numbers are about to go up.  That's because it doesn't matter if Nick Swisher was back in the Bronx or in Single-A ball, the idea of Nick Swisher in the Yankees organization gets us more reads than you can imagine. New York Fans love him... that's the bottom line. When it comes to Swisher, it's not about talent for the fans... it's about celebrity.  It was never more evident to me yesterday when we posted our story about him signing.  Even on Facebook, it was clear that some folks felt he was there because he's a goof-off in the clubhouse....

You know us at BYB; We will not cave to careless clicks if we can help it.  We actually care about our content and what we present.  But if there is news, we will report it, if we feel like we need to.

Yesterday, when word spread that Swisher was working out a minor league deal with the Yanks, (Read NICK SWISHER IS BACK WITH THE YANKEES!), we reported it here, and it was something that was "Elvis like". 

Folks love Nick, and that's because he is so animated, so charismatic, it was a breath of fresh air in such a corporate clubhouse. Hell, we even interviewed him here at BYB when he was with the organization. Read EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: NICK SWISHER.)

So what does Swisher bring to the table?  Well, he's older these days and the real reality is, if the Yankees don't see he's doing much in the minor leagues, they are not obligated to bring him up to the Bronx just because he's fan popular. That's first. 

Look, there is a meaning to Cashman's madness and it's this; Swish can play first base, and Dustin Ackley, while the back up there, isn't exactly a first baseman.  I saw it crystal clear the other day when Ackley dropped a bouncer from Didi Gregorius at first.  It was a simple play, and Ackley dropped it.  It was glaring to me, and it was glaring to Cashman, trust me.  Now, you can't blame Ackley, he was forced there by the Yankees.

But now, if Mark Teixeira gets hurt, which is possible, or if someone on the club isn't doing their job by June 15th, Swisher's opt-out date, Swish can come up and play first, outfield or DH. But again, and this is important... the New York Yankees do not have to do anything here.  They are giving Swisher an opportunity to shine.  He may... he may not... and he may not ever come up... we just don't know.

For now, Yankee fans are excited, and they should be.  Swish is a lot of fun, but the Yankees are not stupid here... this isn't about comedy and morale in the Yankee's business.  This is about whether or not a former Yank can still play and fit the Yankees needs.  While fun right now... we just have to see what lies ahead for Nick Swisher. 

Be excited... but know that this is not a definite thing.

I'm going to assign a BYB writer to tracking Swisher's progress in Scranton and we'll call it "Swisher's Scorecard."  We'll keep track of him in Scranton and we'll obviously let you know if he comes to the Bronx... or not.

Enjoy your Sunday.

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